We believe in the importance of establishing strong working partnerships with organisations in the wider community.  These partnerships bring a clear educational and enriching benefit to students, staff and parents.


Working with schools around the world encourages the sharing of ideas between students and staff.

Sacred Heart Catholic High School

By working ever more closely with our sister school, Sacred Heart, we offer our students a range of coeducational curricular and extra curricular opportunities.

Newcastle High School for Girls

We enjoy collaborative working with Newcastle High School for Girls on a range of projects, visits and activities.

Family of Feeder Schools

We work on a daily basis with our family of Catholic feeder schools.  This collaboration includes teaching children both at their school and ours and working with our primary colleagues. 

University Partnerships

Partnerships with a range of leading universities allow students and staff to engage with current cutting-edge thinking.

Oxford University – St Anne’s College, Cambridge University – Jesus College

These two colleges are linked to the school and find a first point of support for Oxbridge Admissions.  We are proud to have sent a number of students to these (and other) Oxbridge colleges in recent years.

Work-based Partnerships

These partnerships allow our students and staff to work with leading industrialists.

The Reece Foundation

The Reece Foundation, donated monies to the school to develop an engineering block and to administer a scholarship scheme designed to encourage bright young people into engineering. Our cutting-edge engineering block opened in September 2014. Full details of the Reece Scholarship are in the dedicated Reece Foundation pages.

Year in Industry

We believe this scheme offers an excellent opportunity for young people to develop work skills and are proud to promote the scheme to our senior students.

Engineering in Education Scheme

Every year senior students compete for places on this highly desirable scheme, which focuses on real-life industrial problems.