Curricular & Departments

The Curriculum of St Cuthbert’s

Although we have a wealth of experience in teaching boys, we keep the curriculum at St. Cuthbert’s regularly under review. We aim to provide a varied and interesting experience for our students. Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all our students. We seek to provide a broad, balanced education which serves those students who are academically inclined as well as those who require a solid foundation to move into the world of work. During Years 7 and 8 (Key Stage 3) all of our students study a wide variety of subjects. This allows them to sample all areas of the curriculum so that we can help them identify their strengths. As we have an increasing number of high attaining students (at KS2) we have increased the size of the top teaching sets. We have also reduced the student teacher ratio to allow a greater amount of time for quality feedback and marking.  In years 7, 8 and 9 we have two parallel top sets called S1 and C1. We have two parallel second sets called S2 and C2, two parallel third sets called S3 and C3 and two further parallel sets called S4 and C4. In Years 9, 10 and 11 (Key Stage 4) our students select courses which allow them to develop their own particular talents. All will pursue the core subjects of RE, English, Maths and Science and they opt for courses in vocational subjects, humanities, the arts, languages and technology. The majority of our Year 11 students choose to stay at the school post-16 (Key Stage 5). Post-16 courses are designed to build on the progress made at Key Stage 4.  Collaborating with Sacred Heart Catholic High School allows us to offer an extensive range of AS/A2 level, applied and vocational courses, covering more than thirty subjects. Whichever route they select, our students have great success in university entry and many move on to enjoy very successful careers. We are proud that our curriculum allows our students to progress onto rewarding, demanding careers within this country and beyond.