Exams Information

There is plenty of help available for any student who has exams.

Years 7-9

The leaflet below will help ensure you are fully prepared for your exams.  Make sure you know well in advance when your exams are and exactly what you are being tested on.

Years 10-13

The leaflet below will help you get things right on exam day.  Make sure you have double checked your exam dates/times.  Use the exam timetables and your individual statement of entry.

Exam timetables

Public exams

Timetables will be available once they have been finalised by the exam boards.

Students will receive a statement of entry which they should cross check against the exam timetable to make sure they are in the right place at the right time.


Students should make every effort to come into school to collect their public exam results. If this is not possible a stamped self-addressed envelope should be left with the exams office well before results’ day.

School exams

Students will receive an exam timetable for school exams several weeks before the exam period starts.  They will also attend revision workshops throughout the year to help them prepare for exams.