Creative Arts


All students are offered the chance to learn a musical instrument.  Tuition is provided by visiting teachers in a wide range of instruments including, brass, wind and string instruments.  Lessons are also available in piano and guitar.  Instruments can be hired, as necessary and students are encouraged to take Associated Board exams.

Students and staff benefit from a range of musical activities including our school choir, the funk band, our Ceilidh group and the wind band.

Details of what’s on when are found in our key dates section.

Term One Clubs

Lunchtime Clubs (12.30-13.05)

Monday: Keyboard club. (MU1/2 Mr Anderson + Mrs Liu)

Tuesday: Upper School Big Band (MU1 Mr Anderson)

Thursday: Upper School Big Band (MU1 Mr Anderson)

Junior Band (MU2 Mrs Liu)

Friday: Singing group/assembly band (MU2 Mrs Liu and Mr Anderson)

Saxophone ensemble (Rehearsal room 1 Mr Ormiston)

After School Clubs (3.15-4.15pm)

Tuesday : Y10-11, Y12-13 Theory and Composition enrichment group

Rehearsal rooms are available at different times throughout the week for individuals and groups to book for themselves to run their own bands etc.


We are pleased to offer opportunities for our students to take part in dramatic productions.  Some of these are organised by staff from the English department and every year some of our senior students take part in the post exam production at Sacred Heart. Some productions will take place in the community, using performance space around the region.

Art and Photography

The extremely high standard of Art and Photography work in the school gives students the chance to take their work into the community.  There are a range of extra-curricular opportunities throughout the year, allowing students to develop their skills and, in some cases, exhibit (and sell) their work to the public.