We believe a major strength of our school is the number and quality of visits we offer our students.

By developing links through our three specialist languages – French, German and Italian – we have opportunities for a large number of students to experience life in another country.

Last year well over three hundred of our students took part in visits to Europe.

Our visits focus on developing students’ skills and awareness of other cultures as well as, of course, fun.

We also believe strongly in sustainability and, as such, have developed strong, lasting links with a number of schools and communities across the continent.  For example, we have a longstanding affiliation with the town of Rezzato in Italy and with a number of community projects there including the Progetto di San Antonio.

Our students don’t just go on holiday.  Visits are organised so that they can immerse themselves in the culture by, for example, working with a local newspaper or with a café owner.  We also run cross curricular visits so that, for example, Geology and Geography students can explore another country.

We are developing our Visits Programme to offer joint visits with Sacred Heart Catholic High School and also to run visits for our family of primary schools.


We offer numerous visits around the country to enrich the curriculum and extend our students’ experiences.

Some visits are focussed on curricular subject areas such as an Economics trip to the City, a History trip to York or an Art trip to leading London galleries.  Equally popular are our field trips

Others are for enrichment and/or reward such as our highly popular celebrating success trips to a range of Outward Bound facilities in the Lake District.


Again, there are numerous opportunities for local trips to enhance our students’ education.  Some of these designed to support areas of the curriculum (trips to the Centre for Life, for example) whereas others may be of a more general nature, such as university visits.

In support of our ethos all students are offered the chance to stay at the Youth Mission Village during their time at school.